Promoting peace, equality and nonviolence through artistic reflections of the life, work and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi

Borderless Gandhi

Borderless Gandhi is an organisation working to promote Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, values and philosophies through the means of art and social media. Borderless Gandhi was founded by Nilesh and Lene Makwana, who are supported by a team of volunteers and organisations.

Nilesh Makwana, an Indian immigrant, and Lene Makwana, a Norwegian immigrant, founded Borderless Gandhi in 2014 to promote Mahatma Gandhi's ideology of peace, equality and nonviolence. Perth was chosen as the natural launch site for Borderless Gandhi, based on the city’s multicultural population and peaceful environment. From that time, Borderless Gandhi has continued to work on organising exhibitions and events promoting Mahatma Gandhi’s values of peace, nonviolence and equality.

2015 marked the official launch of the organisation, and every year since then there has been a focus on 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and the United Nations International Day of Nonviolence.

Previous Events and Exhibitions

2nd October 2015
Official launch at Northbridge Piazza in Perth Western Australia, showcasing the biopic "Gandhi" from 1982.

2nd October - 2nd November 2016
"Borderless Gandhi presents Mahatma in Me by Vibhor Sogani" in Perth Western Australia, Elizabeth Quay.

2nd October - 6 October 2017
"Nonviolence Week by Borderless Gandhi", global social media campaign.

The message of peace, nonviolence and equality must always be remembered and the values will inspire to make this world a better place to live.

The Borderless Gandhi project is aiming towards a series of events and exhibitions where Mahatma Gandhi is portrayed as a global icon of equality, nonviolence and peace. Gandhi and his work will be promoted through artistic reflections of his life, work and legacy. The initiative is not tied to any particular country, community or religion.

Nilesh and Lene had the pleasure of meeting the director of the Sabarmati Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi lived through the 1920s. This is also the place where he was based when he led the Salt March on 12th March 1930.

The 2018 exhibition "Borderless Gandhi presents Mahatma in Colour" will be held at Parliament House in Perth Western Australia from 2nd October to 9th November 2018.