'Borderless Gandhi presents Mahatma's Message'

For its 2021 event, Borderless Gandhi invited a global audience to participate in conversations across the world using social media. We ran a month-long campaign focused on Mahatma Gandhi's spoken and written word, and how many world leaders have been inspired or motivated by Gandhi's sayings, writings or actions.

Some of Mahatma Gandhi’s words are so well known by many but few may realise that they originated from him. His words and philosophies have inspired nonviolent actions and movements all over the world for over 100 years now, and many world leaders as well as common people has made an impact following his vision and ways. Borderless Gandhi also celebreated 2nd October commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary with an event in collaboration with the Consulate-General of India for Perth and Western Australia.

On 2nd October Borderless Gandhi also commemorated Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary with an event in collaboration with the Consulate-General of India for Perth and Western Australia. This was a special occasion as it marked the last Borderless Gandhi event with Ms Dantu Charandasi before she finished her time as a Consul General in Perth for India. Dantu Charandasi has been a big part of this celebration and we are greatful for her ongoing support through the years.

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Gandhi's Four Values

Mahatma Gandhi had a rock-solid value system which led to the inception of his ideas. He aspired to make positive and productive changes in his life at every turn and had a completely interdependent relationship with his followers. He applied his values of 4 E’s.


Leadership by example
Gandhi’s greatest quality was to walk his talk in every way and at every level. As leaders, we must lead by example to the most possible extent. Gandhi’s success and sustained reputation makes him a leader worthy to follow and seek inspiration from. He always advised people to lead authentically for the greater good. Gandhi’s relevance, is more so today as many leaders are educated, articulated and ambitious but lack the right value and virtue system. In present times, to lead, managers should not only have the right skills but also a vision for themselves and for others and the right attitude to achieve their goals.


A critical success for Gandhi was garnering the right kind of support from the nation and from the international community. He could achieve this primarily due to his extraordinary persistence and articulation of his vision and his methods. His determination to follow through his preaching was often at the cost to his own health but that didn’t deter him from his struggle.


Strategise and influence
Gandhi was a wonderful strategist, showman, and leader with remarkable public relations network and the right relationship with the press. He created the right impact with his activities and understood the human psyche which helped him with his public relations. As a leader in contemporary times, you can emulate all these qualities of Gandhi and strategise accordingly to materialise your vision.


Be flexible and reinvent
In situations where all the existing methods and tactics had failed, Gandhi reinvented the rules of the game to deal with tricky situations. He broke tradition and followed unconventional approach like non-violence and Satyagraha to deal with the British when he realised that brute force won’t help. Resource constraint did not deter him as he believed to have the courage to invent the means. He advocated having leadership styles that were circumstances dependent to use relevant and effective approach to deal with a problem.

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