Borderless Gandhi presents

Mahatma in Colour


Photographs of Mahatma Gandhi taken throughout his adult life (many taken or collected by Mahatma Gandhi’s son, Devadas Gandhi), were collected, digitally restored and coloured by the GandhiServe Foundation in Germany and India. Shot in the early 1900s until the end of his life in 1948, the original photos were in black and white, representing the social and environmental context of his time.

All the photos have been digitally restored and coloured to better communicate with a contemporary audience. The act of overlaying colour onto the photos as factual representations involved a contemporary interpretation of each scene and this creative act, enabled by modern technology, transforms them into artistic representations of Gandhi and his life.

The GandhiServe Foundation is a multinational network of various institutions furthering the promotion of Gandhian values. These institutions offer products and services relating to Mahatma Gandhi and India's independence movement. They firmly believe in, and follow, the principles of simplicity, self-support and trusteeship as promoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

The Exhibition

2nd October to 9th November 2018

Borderless Gandhi proudly presented the carefully curated exhibition, "Borderless Gandhi presents Mahatma in Colour", at these key locations in Western Australia:

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