Vibhor Sogani was commissioned by the Governernment of India to create an exhibition to the national celebration of the 100th anniversary of Gandhi's homecoming from South Africa to India in 1915, and the exhibition went on tour in India throughout 2015.

Borderless Gandhi’s founders, Nilesh Makwana and Lene Makwana met Vibhor during one of their visits to India, and it was decided to bring the entire “Mahatma in me” exhibition outside of India for the very first time.

Borderless Gandhi invited several groups and organisations to participate and collaborate on additional events to promote harmony, equality and nonviolence. Colosoul Group Inc. participated with live artwork, performance poetry and a mandala project during the first ten days of the exhibition. On 19th October, Office of Multicultural Interests invited 35 leaders from different faith groups in Western Australia to gather, all being examples for equality regardless of personal belief. On 29th October, WA Museum conducted the WA Faces project alongside The Liberators International with the Eye Contact Experiment, an annual global event.

Several local organisations and businesses has supported Borderless Gandhi, providing services in-kind. Novotel Hotel Langley Perth supported by accommodating the artist visiting from India; Mail Boxes Etc. supported printing of marketing material; Prestige Partners offered accounting services, Lene Makwana provided graphic design and illuminance solutions provided the team with a boardroom to conduct meetings, and IT services and hosting of the project's website.

Borderless Gandhi received a Lotterywest grant in addition to sponsorships and support from Department of Culture and the Arts, Office of Multicultural Interests, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, Western Australian Museum, City of Perth, and Edith Cowan University. Other supporters and service providers were Hunter Communications, Colosoul Grop Inc., FireShaper Hot Yoga East Perth, Confluence Festival of India in Australia, Student Edge, Annalakshmi and Stageworks P/L.

The exhibition was also a result of a collaboration between Borderless Gandhi and Confluence Festival of India in Australia, an initiative formed to celebrate Indian culture beyond stereotypes, supported by both Australian and Indian governments.

The Government of India, Ministry of Culture and ICCR Delhi supported with sponsorship securing freight of the exhibition from India to Perth, and return.

During the work to organise the “Borderless Gandhi presents Mahatma in me by Vibhor Sogani” exhibition, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter, Dr Ela Gandhi, personally contacted Nilesh Makwana to encourage the organisation’s work.

Collaboration Events

Office of Multicultural Interests

On 19th October, Office of Multicultural Interests and Borderless Gandhi invited several faith leaders from different religions to gather around Vibhor Sogani's artwork "In Harmony". The event, called "Unity" promoted equality and living in harmony, celebrating Perth and WA as places of peaceful co-living and collaboration.

Western Australian Museum

WA Faces is an online exhibition that invites its participants to share their stories about who they are, their connections to family, friends and Country, and how they came to live and work in Western Australia.

The Liberators International

Peter Sharp and The Liberators International put Perth on the map with his famous spontaneous dance on a TransPerth train. For Borderless Gandhi, The Liberators hosted the global annual event; Eye Contact Experiment.

With 190 participating cities, a global message promoting the power of peace and human connection was spread and created ripples of love and connection across the planet.

Colosoul Group Inc.

To help engage the youth in various activities along the exhibition, Colosoul Group Inc. organised live art, invited the public to colour in a mandala design, an evening of slam poetry and asked the visitors of the exhibition"If you were the world, what would you change"?